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Missing overdrive relay!!!


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Apologies if this has already been asked.

Overdrive on my recent purchase of MKIV Spitfire does not work. Before getting underneath thought I would check the obvious wiring to switch and relay. 
However unable to locate the relay which i understand should be beside the horn relay on the bulkhead. There is one wire labelled (with very faded masking tape) ‘overdrive’ which is attached to an in-line fuse and would appear to be wired into the ballast resistor. Please see photos.

All advice greatly appreciated 






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1 hour ago, SpitFire6 said:

Looks like a ballast resistor.

Is it a J-Type OD?

Yep, J-type don't have one - they take the power straight from the reversing light circuit. 

If you want to see what it looks like, have a look at my 'GT6 blowing fuses' thread in the Electrical section - photos on page 2.

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the solenoid on J type is passenger side , can yuo get under and find the feed .add a bulb or meter is there a supply to the sol.

selection is inhibited with a switch on the front of the gear remote to only get OD in 3rd 4th. this needs the tunnel removing 

often wiring faults here or simple adjustment .

if the OD switch is in the gear knob the wires down the stick go hard and fail.



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