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  1. I bought an uprated GT6 set from the USA. Appear to last along time as still good after 6 years. Local ones seem to be kak.
  2. SpitFire6


    Carpet? For that money, it better fly.
  3. SpitFire6


    No More Cut & Paste from Sickipedia then.. Shame as I hate typing.
  4. A non ratchet crimping tool is junk. So there. Iain.
  5. Hi, Copper?? No good for modern Fuel, GL5 or modern antifreeze. Why do they sell this junk! LOL
  6. SpitFire6


    I see no 20W50. No wonder the engines did not last long. LOL. What is a "modern material" What difference to the Triumphs of the day? What difference in clearance. How much difference? Cheers, Iain.
  7. Hi, "I know that the 3.27:1 version is best avoided as it is fragile." I have a 3:27 & it's lasted longer than all the 3:63's that broke. Use the 3:63 then. Enjoy motorway cruising at higher RPM's. I hope you have an OD? Cheers, Iain.
  8. It's a fact. Faster is better. "water flow through the rad/engine too fast so not removing as much heat as possible?" You really think that? LOL.
  9. Hi, If the new pump flow rate is improved it will increase "Cooling". For any car Water Pump maximum cooling will happen when the flow rate/RPM is at the point before cavitation occurs. cheers, Iain.
  10. Hi Colin, You are correct. Avoid to be safe. The grammar sucks & this is a red flag. Cheers, Iain.
  11. Hi. Yet they can break Rock/Stone & extract every metal known to man. News sells.
  12. Better to use a DC clamp meter. Or measure mV drop on supply cable/
  13. Radio tuned to AM around 150Kc's to 300Kc's AKA LW will click when solenoid stops drawing current. In ye olden days I would switch my radio to LW & listen for clicks.
  14. Hi Pete, Most excellent website & read for a Sunday. Thanks, Iain.
  15. use a PIC chip/IC cheaper than a NE555! Program with ladder.
  16. Hi Pete, I believe you are wrong in your assumption. It does not function as you believe it does. When you understand how it functions, please let me know. Sincerely, Iain.
  17. Hi Pete, My understanding of the PDWA is different. The PDWA activates a contact & that is it. It's a Warning Actuator only. Cheers, Iain.
  18. SpitFire6


    It's hotter than a smack-heads spoon here.
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