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  1. Hi Pete, I believe you are wrong in your assumption. It does not function as you believe it does. When you understand how it functions, please let me know. Sincerely, Iain.
  2. Hi Pete, My understanding of the PDWA is different. The PDWA activates a contact & that is it. It's a Warning Actuator only. Cheers, Iain.
  3. SpitFire6


    It's hotter than a smack-heads spoon here.
  4. SpitFire6


    I taught ATEX for around four years. Mostly Gas, not Dust or Mining. Good housekeeping concerning dust prevents problems as you said.
  5. SpitFire6


    Hydrogen is not explosive. That is like saying flour is.
  6. Find the diameter of rod required. Find a friendly machinist. Sell them. 😀
  7. Hi, EV KW. Meaningless without Voltage quoted. Most cars are 400VDC. Heavy duty is 800VDC. EV trucks run 800VDVC. I know of only one car that runs 800VDC. Li Fe PO4 (cells) are used for heavy duty. Nominal is 3.2V per cell, up to 216 cells. Good luck getting approval for higher voltages. Cheers, Iain.
  8. Hi, I would take the the 100Watt quoted figures with a ton of salt.
  9. Seven EV trucks in Manchester after shift & on charge. The future.
  10. JB weld some washers?
  11. I guess it is a sealed lead acid? (VRLA) battery. Make sure the charging voltage does not exceed the voltage marked on the side. The lower of the two.
  12. Drive around for less than 12 hours and the charge for less than 12.
  13. I work on Electric rubbish trucks. Easy do a shift of work. Charging & discharging dissipates little heat to the truck cooling radiator. Cells are quite safe & output voltage is quite flat.
  14. And people pay to visit them for holidays.
  15. SpitFire6


    Matt Hancock falls on sword. Later his aide will also fall on his sword.
  16. For serious grinding 110VAC AKA 50-0-55 grinders will fail before 230VAC ones. The standard angle grinder without speed control will rotate with AC or DC it does not care. Run it of your welding output if no mains available.
  17. Hi, For no more burnt out motors use Air. Cheers, Iain.
  18. You can make 2000L a year of Ethanol with no license. I unfortunately just drunk mine so have hidden still in cellar.
  19. In the automotive industry no company in the UK is buying new Crank/Cam grinding machines. Europe only in East. China & India are still big buyers for the brands we know domestically. India buy a lot of machines to grind bike cams. EV is coming here. & it pays my wage.
  20. The company I work for buys commercial vehicles off the assembly line before the engine and gearbox is fitted. We install EV motor & batteries & off it goes. It's a shame the 400kW motors will not do 7K. Four of the 100Ahr cells will be going in my battery box I hope.
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