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  1. You can make 2000L a year of Ethanol with no license. I unfortunately just drunk mine so have hidden still in cellar.
  2. In the automotive industry no company in the UK is buying new Crank/Cam grinding machines. Europe only in East. China & India are still big buyers for the brands we know domestically. India buy a lot of machines to grind bike cams. EV is coming here. & it pays my wage.
  3. The company I work for buys commercial vehicles off the assembly line before the engine and gearbox is fitted. We install EV motor & batteries & off it goes. It's a shame the 400kW motors will not do 7K. Four of the 100Ahr cells will be going in my battery box I hope.
  4. A couple of years have passed since seen car. Went with smaller. Get back soon I hope.
  5. NOD from the past. I hope its updated. "Hail NOD and bend the knee". circ 1980's Superman 2. Respect. Best Superman!
  6. Is it sparking on run on or is it electrics dead run on?
  7. I might have lost the Rollo connection, but lost the tip of the west coast of France. So Win, Win.😆. France is a wonderful place though according to my wife who has never been/worked there. Proud of being born in Aldershot. Would need to win the pools to move back there after 50 years. Phishing not phishinh.
  8. On An EV you get plenty of warning before you were Zero SOC & out of fuel.
  9. I sent my DNA off for ancestry testing. Valhalla awaits me. I was great,great,great, Ect son of Rollo from Vikings. Well it did but not now with latest algorithm.
  10. Send the Para's in again to sort things out.
  11. A127 is a good replacement. LUCAS brand is hardly a sign of quality.
  12. Last 30 years I have tried them all. Never needed to replace any brand but Champion are Kak. I know my car has BP6RES fitted. R because of ECU requirement. What year did Triumph stop using copper plug leads?
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