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Stainless manifold for Vitesse Mk1 1600


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Hi, I’m looking for a stainless manifold for my 1600 Vitesse.  Rimmer don’t offer one, yet they offer a Mk1 2000, which has me wondering what the difference is between the Mk1 1600 and 2000 head?  My question is will the 2000 manifold fit, or can it be made to?

Anyone know?

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The 1600 and Mk1 heads had the ports all in line

TRIUMPH VITESSE CYLINDER Head Gasket - £14.00 | PicClick UK

Not the best pic

A Mk2 or Saloon has the intake and exhaust ports offset, to allow better breathing.

Triumph Vitesse MKII Gas Flowed Unleaded Cylinder Head | #247852082

So you can see that a manifold for the later head will not fit the earlier.   And cannot be altered to fit, without major mods!


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