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Hello all.  As a new member, i thought an introduction would be in order.

I have taken on a project Bond Equipe S4 that i purchased from a former club member here in Medway Kent.

Hopefully, there won't be too many Gremlins in the works, but rest assured, i will be seeking helpful knowledge from the membership

when required! 😁  It's been stored for a good number of years so all mechanics and brakes etc to strip and sort, plus the obligatory

chassis outriggers.  Well, what else has a man to do with himself.  The Alpine is it's stablemate, which will make life awkward for removing the body.

IMG_1488 - Copy.jpg


hardtop refurb 31.jpg

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welcome to the mad house   ask away theres pleanty of answers on here some may get distracted its all part of the fun 

love the Alpine  I had to cancel an order as the first sprog turned up needed a back seat  That led to a super  Imp then the Avenger 1500 never did i ever get my Apline 



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The only fine point everyone told me about body removal for my Spitfire was "brace brace brace" between the front and rear of the doors, undo a few bolts, then to my amazement it just lifted off and dropped back on once the chassis replacement was finished.  It was like going back to the kit cars of my youth. 

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On 15/01/2023 at 22:02, Patrick Taylor said:

 Welcome to the world of Bond! I too have a Bond/Alpine combination, but a different type of Alpine...


Sad thing is that, local to me, I go to 'Classic and Vintage' shows hoping to see the one on the right, and instead see fields full of cars similar to the one on the left.... :)

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