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Dynax S50


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If using aerosols a couple of cans should easily do it. Maybe one, it goes a long way as only a thin  coat is required.

You really need to get the metal nice and warm so the dynax has a chance to flow before being chilled, warmer the better. 

Don't forget you will need a lance, some sellers include it, others don't. 

If using a compressor, a litre should do it. At 90psi I can puff it in at one end, and see the vapour coming out the length of the chassis, but I still do it from the other end to get a more even coverage. 

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I did this job during lockdown, I used 2 x 750ML cans of Dynax S50 and also 2 x 500ML of Dinitrol 3125 Aerosol I already had, this was for a Sunbeam Tiger though which probably has a lot more cavities and box sections than a Small chassis Triumph.

I drilled additional holes for application/drainage as advised by the owners club, shake the cans well and warming them in warm/hot water seemed to help with better application.

Be warned, it is a very messy job!!

I didn't have access to a ramp, so had to jack the car as high as possible on Axle sands, I wore disposable paper overalls, goggles and a mask

If doing the job inside your garage put something down to soak up the inevitable spillage that will come out of the drain holes and keep a door or window open for a bit of ventilation

Good luck


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