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1980 Spit Ballast…not like after a great Christmas


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Hi Experts.

Do you know what coil should be fitted to a 1980 Spit. Think I’ve cocked up by using a coil I had on my recent resto. It say’s ‘use only with ballast’ which I’ve noticed after getting an intermittent electrical cutout once warm. Have already checked all the other likely culprits.
I don’t recall seeing any ballast on the wiring loom (whilst out). 




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as there are two wires going to the +   the dull white with a pink trace is the ballasted feed  the second wire will go to the starter solenoid so when cranking you boost the ballast 6-8v   up to the 12/14 v  while cranking  this uses a 1.5ohm coil which is what you have fitted  so looks correct 

i take it the brown is to the dizzy   whats the blue connect for  as its a 1500 i guess this is for  a electronic rev counter ??? 



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on a separate subject Alan, that looks like the starter solenoid next to the coil (Im not very familar with Spits) and neither of the main cable connections to it have rubber boots on. I would get one put on asap, at least for the one from the battery, as its so exposed and could get nasty if accidentally shorted to earth😩

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Thanks All,

It’s a momentary engine cutout. Only happens once warmed up. 
Good point @johnyre the lack of a rubber boot.

Will check the rec counter @Josef

Going to check valve clearances as well since I’ve not idea if the engine is lead free or not. It’s in such fine condition I’m just I running it.


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some 1500 did have inserts but it doesnt matter there is so much lead memory in the casting you can drive thousands of miles with no concern about lead 

if the head needs to come off at some time then consider having exhaust seats or looking to see if its already done 

when warm up does it get a bit woolly before it dies ????     wax stats on the jets can cause chaos 

if fitted there is an easy repar cost 2p  let us know 

this shows a waxstat jet Image result for Waxstat Jet. Size: 176 x 185. Source: mossmotors.com

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