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Interesting early Herald on Facebook

Colin Lindsay

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Sorry I've no idea how to link to this without adding a whole lot of unnecessary features and potentially worrying links which may affect the forum or viewers BUT:

'My Car Story with Lou' on Facebook features a 948 Herald convertible claimed to be the oldest in the world. The video subtitle states it's the first ever Herald but later states it's the oldest surviving 948 convertible. Beautifully restored and in amazing condition and although I'm not sure how accurate the video description is, the owner is understandably very proud of it! It has a floor-mounted dip switch - was this for the US market? Never saw another.

Screenshot2023-02-27at09_59_36.png.1e7edfc1e3ceb80230e54bcb943fa5a4.png Screenshot2023-02-27at09_58_47.png.5bdefef28e8221a5e7494b5d673b6bde.png Screenshot2023-02-27at10_00_30.png.a9e9db84066444f75a14a00587d7b39e.png

Screenshot2023-02-27at09_59_23.png.0f0ff8a3a65d818d62753f482c4ca492.png Screenshot2023-02-27at10_07_50.png.ff31871867149123d408d2b2d8c9fd89.png

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