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replacing Herald rear outriggers without removing the body.

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I am sure I have seen a Triumph bulletin (or section in a manual) that described how to replace the rear outriggers without removing the body. 
Or maybe I imagined/dreamt it!
I know it can be done, in fact I had mine on my Herald 13/60 done in 2006, but they have only lasted 17 years and need doing again... :(
I am just interested to see what triumph recommended.




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All done and have a nice new MOT.

The outriggers were replaced in 2006 and were only welded on the sides and bottom, this seems strong enough as they did last 17 years.....
The new outriggers have been welded in the same way, the old one were very bad, much more rust that it seemed from the outside. These had been filled with Waxoyl in 2006 and supposedly rust proofed again in 2013 when the whole car was 'rust proofed' after a body rebuild.
Difficult to find classic companies around Cambridge who could or wanted to do the work. I had quotes of up to £2500 and not being able to do it for 6 to 8 weeks! Eventually found a guy in Barrington who did it for me. Pleased with his work and will probably get him to do some work on the body at the end of the season.

cheers Mike

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