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Suitable clutch for a Vitesse Mk2 or GT6

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Eons ago I was given a new Quinten Hazel Clutch Kit QTF229AF which has a 8.5in driven plate with 10 splines, I understood it fitted the Vitesse & GT6, 2 litre engines, but Googling the web there's references to the QTF151AF kit for these models.

Can anyone advise does the 229 kit fit &/or what differences there are between the kits?

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Hi Peter

From info I found it looks to me like the QTF229AF is for a TR7

And the QTF151AF is for the Vitesse and other Triumphs

But according to the website the 151 has 10 teeth and the 229 has 23 teeth, I wonder of it is a  mix of bits in the wrong box.

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I believe the only difference between the Vitesse/GT6 clutch "kit" and the TR7/Dolomite 1850 one is the 10 teeth against 23 teeth, which is why my Vitesse and GT6 both have Dolomite clutches (uprated gearboxes with J-type OD, fitted last century)

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I've also got a three rail gearbox with the fine spline input shaft and J type overdrive in my Vitesse, always assumed the clutch was single rail Dolomite 1850 but Rimmer's list different cover for Dolomite and Vitesse. The difference between the Dolomite 1850 three rail and single rail clutch is just the driven plate, cover and bearing the same.



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