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Pre Start Engine Pressure Oiler

Peter Truman

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There's been many articles re the old Triumph Engine rumble or "death rattle" on cold start up. I remember one member had an ingenious oil header tank with solenoids to fill and isolate then open up to fill the filter pre turning the starter, 

well I saw this old NOS item on ebay this morning item No.204363735508, uses a pump to pre pressurize the engine lube system pre firing it up. Haven't seen one before but for our Triumph worry warts or as PeteLwould say "a must have" NOT!


Stack Pre Starting Oil Pressure Unit eBay.jpg

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18 minutes ago, johny said:

Yes but those bearings could still be turning dry on the starter and some might argue thats even worse than firing up and building oil pressure quicker🤔

Hmm, maybe, although I would have thought a film of oil would remain on the bearing surfaces to stop that being an issue. Or am I deluding myself? I suppose someone who has dismantled a bottom end would know, if they noticed.

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I use an electric fuel pump with an isolation switch on the dash


First I turn the pump off spin the starter for the count of 10 then switch the electric pump on let it charge the fuel system up then switch the ign on and spin the starter.

Usyally the car starts within a couple of spins no bearing rumble all sweet!

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