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Gearbox overhaul


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This is a follow on to a posting I put up last year. 

I think my gearbox needs overhauling, it’s getting very noisy and will jump out of reverse. I have rebushed the lever, and it still does it so it’s definitely the box.  Last year, I came to the conclusion I was going to continue to enjoy the car until the box failed. In the last couple of runs out I have also noticed an occasional (but total) lack of resistance from the clutch pedal so I reckon that will need doing too. 

I don’t think I have the skills to overhaul the box myself, so I’m looking for any recommendations for good companies who can do it for me. (South east, Kent or SE London way)


Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the great advice that fellow members offer 😀


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Although it's West London, one of our Wessex area members got his Vitesse box rebuilt by Heathrow Transmissions recently. It was'nt cheap and I daresay you might find cheaper, but he reckons it's the best it's ever been, having had several rebuilds over the years!



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ISTR you have a 13/60.

3-synchro gearboxes are very easy to get hold of cheaply as no-one wants them, and they don’t yield many useful parts for other boxes.

As swapping a box in a Herald is easy, I would be tempted to try a spare one or 2 rather than fork out on a rebuild.

Price wise it is about 6 or 7 old gearboxes per rebuild.

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