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Formula Ford Style wheels Spitfire.


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I have seen the Formula Ford style wheels fitted to a Spitfire similar to the ones pictured (but silver).

I think they look pretty smart and would like to put a set on my Spitfire but I cannot find any info on dimensions best suited to the Spitfire like offset, backspace, tyre size etc.

If anyone has these on their car, please share a picture. 


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They are different but similar to OEM wheels, the main difference being the width of the wheels I believe are 5.5J. 
The cut outs are round rather than teardrop shaped and they are made by Weller Wheels for use on Formula Ford 1600 class so are probably lighter and/or stronger than Triumph Spitfire standard wheels too.

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These were Formula Ford style reverse rim 5.5in wheels originally fitted to my daughters Mk2 Spitfire when purchased 23 years ago, now fitted with Aus Superlite 5.5in Mini Lite replica wheels. 

Note there are NO breather holes in the wheel rims, similar to racing Formula Fords here. They were changed as they looked a little bland on the car.

Me driving Michelle to her Wedding 2003.jpg

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These’re the close to OEM 5.5Js, that I believe are formula Ford in origin, I have on my Herald (the ones people commonly think were a GT6 fitment but were not). Though from your description you’re thinking of something different still? 



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