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Bonnet Catches - Inside the car Fixings


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Hi Gents,

You may recall I'm stripping out the good work my renovator did in order to have the chassis renewed, body-on style (having finally found a company that will do it).

I've been wanting at previous poionts in time to bonnet-fiddle quite a bit, the last of the adjustments available to me being the side catch 'hooked' brackets - which are - or seem to be pretty well seized.

So in the course of the stripping process, I took the passenger side kick-board and nasty dusty 'sound insulation' bag out of the footwell cavity, revealing the catch innards.

What I'd like to know is if what you see here (photos attached - 35 years in, I've never seen this item before - never had the need) looks original - or are these rectangular threaded nut blocks holding the threaded bolts, replacements someone has fabricated and put in during previous works?

Supplementary - if these are not as originally fitted, are 'originals' still available??I have WD40'd internally, to see if I can ease them to becoming 'undo-able', eventually.

Just an idle query whilst celaring the car out . . . 


Cheers, Colin (Herne Bay)



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