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Differential mountings

Paul Amey

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I've got the diff out my Vitesse at the moment. Can anyone tell me what shape the top mounting point (rear mountings nearest the back of the car) bolt holes are suppose to be please? I ask because all four holes for the two mountings on mine are round with a slot in them, they are all the same. I;m wondering why.

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Never seen a slot in that mounting point, is the slot horizontal or vertical?, If vertical I would say wear if horizontal perhaps a previous owner did it for adjustment so that the front mountings would line up.

Mine were worn vertically some worse than others, l assumed the bottom of the hole was correct and welded washers on as a repair.

How they where worn is a mystery as there shouldn't be any movement.



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There's no movement with the diff as the front mounts are solid, so the rears shouldn't move about either unless this is excessive wear due to maybe pivoting on worn rubbers at the front? In that case I'd expect up and down rather than back and forth.... so it'll be interesting to see what has caused them.

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