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GT6 mk 3 front side/indicator units-seal to body


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I have some new seals for the units and they are considerably thicker than the original ones. I know that the originals are compressed but at 4mm thick, they’re half the thickness of the new ones at 8mm thick. I don’t want to be damaging my lights whilst trying to get the lenses and bezel on. I have the original screws and they don’t protrude beyond the seal. Anyone else experienced this? Seals are from Rimmer Bros. 


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Presumably you bought original part number 154049 gaskets of which each side light unit has two; one between the lens and the light body and one between the light body and the metalwork - or perhaps fibreglass in the event of FG valances. . 8mm is rather chunky and 5mm would be more like it and they should be a really soft, compressible, foam. Rimmers, however, are not the masters of getting details right.

But I'm wondering if the snag here is sometghing slightly different. In particular; the screws which fix the escutcheon and lens do not also fix the whole unit to the valance. The body of the unit is (originally) attached to the valance with two no.10 unf screws going into two caged nuts egde-clipped to the aperture. After fitting the bulbs the outer gasket lens and escutcheon are then attached with the two (originally) filister chrome head screws - just long enough to engage with the body but not going through the body more than a couple of turns .

In the event of FG valances the first bit of fixing (no.10s and cage nuts)  has to be achieved with a workaround - but there's enough options of J-nuts and self tappers, or lug nuts with a screwed thread to enable this.


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Wet suit material, if unlined,  is "open cell", it allows the material to fill with water, so will hold water next to your paint all the time.   Better go for  "closed cell" rubber.

But I use solid rubber sheet.


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