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Spitfire 1500 leaf-spring rebuild -


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I hope my description below makes sense.  I've taken several attempts at re-wording it.

I'm rebuilding the leaf spring on my 1500 spitfire and I have a question.

The bottom side of the bottom spring has a stud that locates into the diff' and on the top side there's another stud which sits proud of the lower plate when that's in place.  The tube/spacer for the centre bolt sits on top of that stud and is held in place by the kink in the safety spring.

This means that there is a gap between the spacer and the plate (see photo) and that the lower plate can move around (until the studs and pivot box are fitted).  Also that any pressure on the spacer is concentrated on the small area where it touches the stud whereas I would have though it should have been across the length of the spacer?

What is the Iower plate for?  It seems to be merely a locating plate for the studs?

I don't think I've missed out anything in the rebuild....

20230901_190155.thumb.jpg.0fcb99cc6d14073e5bfad38488ca6652.jpgMy picture of the original shows the gap between the plate and the spacer.



Spacer sat on top of inner stud.


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I recall that getting the  swing bolt to line up and go through the tube was a bit fiddly  but was helped by using several G clamps to compress spring leaves together and aid the leaves to fit fully into the box.

(The new   poly spring pad  and leaf buttons I  fitted may have made the lining -up less easy)

Once thats in The lowest, leaf ie separate spring  leaf, fits in a recess on top of the diff. and the then tightening the nuts on the dive studs pulls everything in place.





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Cheers for the replies.  It's a great source of information when you're all so knowledgeable and helpful in responding.  It's what helps to define TSSC members,

Further investigation on my part shows that my "top stud" is in face the threaded portion of the diff' locator so I'm going to have another crack at it today.

Once again, cheers all.



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