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Diff. Mounting cracking


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While under my MK1 Vitesse yesterday noticed that the top front rubber diff bushes had quite deep cracks in them. To change them requires removing part of the exhaust and detaching the diff. from the suspension and drive train. This is not a five minute job so was thinking of using polybushes for the diff, is it worth the extra cost and will it result in more noise?. The other thing to consider is the poor quality of a lot of rubber based components these days, interested in others experience.


I had the diff. out some years ago and reassembled with a lot of copperslip so do not expect rear mounting bolts to be rusted in the rear bushes.






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I will be honest, every diff bush I have seen has been in good condition. So I am surprised about yours cracking, unless they got contaminated at some point. I have always found the rubber to be fine, though current car has red polybush as I wanted handling more than quiet. However, no notice difference either way. Just make sure you buy good quality, the club shop, Chris witor or canleys would be my choices.
As to fitting, worth a try in situ, you should quickly find out if it will work or not.

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