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any harm to engine caused by not firing on one cylinder


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Hi folks


had to unavoidably drive 50 miles to a wedding with car not firing on one (no 2) cylinder (out of six). I had taken it gently. Just wondering if this caused harm.

My thoughts were. Cylinder not getting hot. Only a tiny amount of fuel vapor that gets thrown out on exhaust stroke so not washing bores.


Only asking, as replaced plug from that cylinder is now a bit oily and carbonated (150 miles later) and not shown that in since owned car 3 years ago (though maybe it  was cause of old plug not firing). Plug was petrol wet with not firing, so replaced it with spare in case plug had failed.


Any thoughts, would be great.


Cheers, Dave



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plugs....life and soul of the engine 

    they can fail , its not uncommon even new ones been known to die early  


            if the exhaust is a nice burble with no coughs  leave it in peace till you need to do a service

       dont mess about with old unknown plugs , its not worth the bother 



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IF any damage woud have been done, it would have been to the bores

as the fuel dilution  would ev took the oil covering of the bores.


as nee spark /bang to ignite it, it is a.. wash down... sort of actionee on the bores

gon a long way, then rings / bores could have suffered


Butt, then agen,it could ev actually removed some  glaze frae the bores,

to could actually be working better on that cyl

All depends on just hoo far it went,or what was needed t,doo damege,or doo it some good



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