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Dizzy Rev Counter Gear

Darren Groves

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Car is a Vitesse 2L MK1 with a Lucas Distributor and Mechanical Rev Counter.


The rev counter doesn't work, the problem is with the gear in the dizzy. It turns, but if you hold the cable at the rev counter end and you apply some resistance it stops spinning. Tried a different cable, same thing.


So I am guessing the female part of the gear that the cable inserts into has rounded and wont turn the cable when there's any kind of resistance.


The gear looks simple to change, but doesn't seem to be available anywhere. Anyone know of a source?



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is it the gear has  come  loose on the shaft  or the shaft drive to the cable has worn


if the gear has stripped then  its dizzy doc to the rescue


if the gears loose then supaglue, chemimetal,  or araldite etc may recover it,   these do shread if the instrument has a seizing spindle 

being a Lucas is a hard to find now  but  are repairable 

and the delco were pretty poor and they tend to be mend to destruction 


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Thanks for the replies.


I think the gear in the shaft is fine. If you removed the cable from the dizzy you can see the cable connection spinning quite happily and if you pop your finger tip on it, it continues to spin.


If you connect a cable to the dizzy the speedo end is spinning, but apply any sort of pressure to this and then it stops. I hoped this was the cable end rounded off, so tried a spare cable but with the same result, so concluded it was rounding of the female connection on the drive.


I could glue the cable into the dizzy drive I guess to see what happens, bit of a bodge but might see out a few miles.


I guess there's always H&G Ignition who do the refurbs for the club shop, they might be able to help.

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