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Adjusted points now non starter


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GT6 Mk3  Delco Dizzy.    After a 60/70 mph run during which I had one slight missfire, the next day I checked the points, they were just under 15thou so adjusted them.


It now refuses to fire.     I have tried a new condenser,  a spare coil and new dizzy cap.  There is 12v at the points,  the timing has not slipped,  and the rotor arm is a red Accuspark.


 Last year the car was professionally set up and has been a first time starter with 100% performance.

 I have even tried refitting the Ignitor system that was fitted by the P.O.


 It must be something simple,  I've run out of ideas.                


                         Any help please,    thanks  John.

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Turn on the ignition without the dizzy cap and open the points with an insulated screwdriver, do the points spark? If they do, put the cap back  take out a plug, reconnect it's lead, secure it to earth and fire the ignition. Does the plug spark? If no the problem is between the points and the plugs. It's likely you've disturbed something when you did the adjustment, the earth wire, the condenser? I've been there, got that T shirt! :lol:

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Its the old tee shirt ...alway revist exactly what you did last


did you just adjust the points or include some deeper twiddling have you messed the firing order

broken the top plate earth flexi wire

did you disturbe the points wires ??

Delco dizzy has the cam spindle got so much wear the gap is uncontrolled due to side float



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Carbon centre contact inside the distributor cap?

P.S. I've just remembered I had an intermittent  misfire a few years ago and with the bonnet open you could hear "tick" at the point of misfire, it turned out that there was a break in the main HT lead from the coil, a gap in the centre core. A set that had only been on the car (Spitfire 1500) for a matter of a few months, had done very few miles.

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