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TBH... keep them for breakdowns and go for full electronic system. there are quite a few available, but I would recommend to not buy the cheap ones. The club shop sell Aldon, some recommend bbc and I have a H&H system - but they rebuilt my whole dizzy. Not had a problem since.... apart from would you beleive it the dizzy clamp being too loose!  Got the Tee shirt before you did! HA  :D



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Yup, electronic! And like Aidan says don't buy cheap. I got Aldon from the club shop, these are elsewhere marketed as Pertronix. You can also buy them from Retro Rockets in the USA and even with import duty they're cheaper than here. Only problem is you'll have to wait!

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Let me add to this discussion i also had a bad experience with cheap electronic ignition so went back to points temporarily. Last year I bought from the club shop luminition magnatronic and my car runs better there seems to be more power and it has never missed a beat they have now been on almost twelve months so yes buy a decent make and support the club shop.


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The units around are really just an electronic switch to replace the old mechanical points

be they cheap or expensive, magnetic or optical or what ever theybare far more consistent switching than the std mechanical bouncing,, gap setting original swhich points even though they still do a good job and have done for years


Apart from still having to oil the dizzy with a few squirts tolube the top spindle bush theres no service needs with the lecy versions.


there was some reports in a magazine of the cheaper units not having the trigger magnets set acurately indexed around the trigger wheel ,


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