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knock knock

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happy new year to all.

i have a knocking from my o/s rear suspension going over rough roads,i have renewed the s/absorbers and there does not seem to be any wear in the spring bush--could it be a u/j or the vertical link,i cannot feel any wear.

the noise seems to be on the rebound on bumps.

any ideas ?


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I used to get a very scary BANG from the same location on the rebound when going over things like hump back bridges in my non-roto GT6. I eventually traced it to my woefully flaccid rear spring. When disconnected from the vertical links and waggled up and down the play in the leaves was enough for the second and third from the bottom to slap against each other. A new spring cured the banging and raised the rear of the car by~ 1.5 cm. If your car looks like it's dragging its *rse it might be worth taking out the spring eye bolts and seeing if your spring leaves are similarly lacking in curvature too.



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