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Exhaust swap


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If it is a semi-sports box,hey are nearly as loud as the wheelbarrow type. Which I find too noisy when doing longer trips, especially on motorway where the drone drives me nuts. Which is why it has been removed.....

If the std GT6 rear box they usually are not exactly quiet, but nowhere near as noisy as any of he sports systems. And they are unlikely to make any difference to how the car drives. 


In my case I am fitting a rear box pilfered from an escort RS Turbo, via a 21/4" pipe. Probably a slim cherry bomb between the chassis rails. That should be fairly sensible in terms of noise, and freeflowing enough to cope with expected power (rather more than a std spitfire or GT6)

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I have a single s/s rear box on my Vitesse; it does the job, complements the six cylinder engine note wise and is not excessively loud. Ticks all my boxes.





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mine 1600 had a 631 ,  2" pipes and a club semi sports single and it really amazing on song ,  the wheel barrow twin was more like a hair drier  

and nothing like as crisp  didnt stay on for long 


this was the smaller semi , the inlet just a neat fit  'inside'  the tail tube    a real yippee to drive  ....yes i miss it 




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Used the twins on my wife's 2.5 Gitfire a number of years ago, this was noisy above 3K RPM. But as I was using high gearing this meant it was running below 3K at 70 MPH, so OK on long run. On the standard, geared, GT6 if you are not concerned about the noise over a long distance then the twins sound great.


Currently using a John Kipping single box sports box on the Vitesse, not too noisy.


Took the sports system off the TR7 as the centre box resonates at around 3K RPM. Too noisy for me went driving long distance. One of the reasons I have TR7's is for long distance driving, 200-400 miles. I am getting old!



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