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Anyone got anything older?

Phil Siddall

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Can't beat that! My first car was a 30s Austin 7, ignition advance and retard hand controlled by a lovely brass rheostat in the middle of the steering wheel. One windscreen wiper, also hand operated. Bought it for £10, then realised the front wheel arches were off another car not an Austin 7! Sold it, to my father's great relief, a month later for £15. Then bought a Morris Mini Countryman for £215, great car!

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The oldest owned was quite modern a 53 pahes 5 Hillman Minx, in fire engine red


the oldest I have driven was the 1913 Commer Car simon fire engine

wooden wheels solid tyres and 3 speed pre select gearbox column gear change

and a glass flow oil gauge, cranking her up was challenge, it once threw me across the workshop

she was in service at Chivers jam factory till around 1959

Chrysler take over sold the family silver and she disapeared , but has been seen on london brighton runs

I drove her round the factory when I was around 19 in 1964


I have also driven the Ecurie Ecosse Transporter out of silverstone with the cars ontop before she was sold .


jus more waffle



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1955 Jaguar XK140 FHC with steel wheels and spats. My triumph is 1967 Vitesse 2.0 Saloon built November 1966 and believed possibly oldest 2.0 on the road. These are my two classics which I drive every week.

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