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herald oil pressure


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Hi i am sure this has been discussed before. But:-

The oil pressure oil comes on after a short journey on tick over, i have no knowledge of the history or mileage  of this engine. It runs well has normal power and burns little oil.I was preparing to do a bottom end rebuild, but thought prior to this i fitted a mechanical oil pressure gauge. 

On tick-over and up to running temperature the light comes on at  25lb

Running in fourth at 50mph pressure is 75lb.

Given these readings i feel the engine is in good health and probably has a oversensitive pressure switch.

Should i stop worrying or continue with the bottom end rebuild.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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The oil light should come on at sub 10psi.

So either the gauge is incorrect, or the oil pressure switch is playing up (or possibly a special high pressure switch fitted??)


I would be trying another gauge or another sender.... But 75psi in use is high, normally 40-60psi on a healthy engine. Unless the oil is cold or a very thick type. Points to gauge over reading...

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Normal power and little oil consumption is not I think related to oil pressure, though suggests the top end is ok.


Don't know what car you have, but for the 2Litre 6's, the book says between 40-60 lb's at 2000 revs, the higher end better I guess. I think 25 lbs at idle is considered ok.


Clatter on start up before oil reaches pressure, can suggest some bottom end wear, though some say this is not much to worry about if your running oil pressure is ok.


I would be leaving it for now if oil pressure good. 


One thing to look out for is movement at the crank pulley, due to worn thrust washers when pushing in the clutch. If this is excessive, they can fall out and damage the crank and block.


I'm sure others will be here with more/alternative info.


Cheers, Dave

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If the gauge is reading ok , then you can take out shims from under the pressure relief valve spring


change the low psi switch is the first cheapest option,


and drive , dont take a seemingly sound engine apart ...


daves spot on with the triumph spec



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