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clutch slave cyl bolt


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Vitesse Con 2L. The thread in one of the holes(?) on the bell housing to retain the clutch slave cylinder has been stripped (not quilty)

I have a Clarke RAD-2 right angle attachment and a 210mm long drill bit and, combined, their total length means that I might have to remove the shift mechanism to get the drill in to bore out the hole to fit a helicoil. Which is a bit of a pain.

The drill diameter is 21/64, is it possible to get a shorter drill bit, say half the length. This would allow the combined pieces to fit in the space, between the housing and the shift mechanism, to allow a straight drill into the bell housing hole.

As an extreme measure I could cut a bit of the current drill bit but the owner would not be to chuffed about that.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Like the idea of a self tap bolt BUT I assume the bolt will be steel and then being forced, to a certain extent, into aluminium the two different metals are very likely to weld togther and difficult to remove at a later date?

Taping an 8mm new tthread might be better.

Thanks for the comments, though.


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Tap it wider wid a metric 9 MM 1.50r a 10 MM 1.5

or a 3/8th UNC or WHIT


thee,s if taper taps,will fit in wid oot needing being drilled


goingtoo deep, then the threads can come thru the other end

let water / moisture in, and it seizes,  been there fun it oot


And, use a wee bit of thread lok,

then ye no gotta tighten as much, and it wont come loose



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Thanks for all the advice, a lot to work through and consider the best route.

Paul - yes and no, the thread is all gone. Thanks for the website for the stubb bit

Dave - note your comment on over sizing the bolt


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