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Clutch Diagnosis help please!


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Hi all


My 1500 spit (76) won't go into gear.  It was fine, then started crunching into some gears now impossible to engage unless the engine isn't running. Actual engagement is very low on the pedal.  No fluid leaks.


Bled clutch.  Was fine for a bit then started doing exacrly the same.


I was about to change the slave but do you think it could be the master?


Any advice appreciated.


Many thanks







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Also check the withdrawl pivot pin has not dropped

if you look at the clutch hsg you can see the hole the pin fits thro'


drivers side about a 8mm hole witha pin sitting down inside , if its an open hole its dropped out


A refurb of the hydraulics and pedal push rod pivots is a good start when bleeding the nipple must be on top and it can help remove the slave and push the piston back im as far as possible to reduce the capacity to aid bleeding,

It will take a few pumps to return the cyl to meet the slave push rod



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During the problems with my clutch I read that the problem may be as simple as needing a new clutch pedal spring (didn't work for me though). The logic is simple. Knackered spring not bringing back pedal, master cylinder spring not strong enough to do same, therefore piston in cylinder not pushing enough fluid into system as piston is already part way along the bore, clutch not working, no gears unless engine stopped. No leaks, system bled, all looks well but pulling up the pedal pulls back the piston in the master cylinder and then you realise that the system is only part full of fluid.

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