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Vitesse 6 Conv - KYK711D

martyn wright

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i All,  I received a letter from former TSSC Member "Dick Plumridge" on 29th Apr 2003 stating that my vehicle YK in KYK711D was originally a London issued Registration.  Sadly these were amongst the records destroyed.  I am now ready to contact the DVLA to request Individual information about my vehicle.  Again the last report (letter 2003) I received was that KYK711D was around the 13th Oldest on the Vitesse Register at TSSC?  Does anyone have any further update on this?  Many Thanks Martyn

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i All!   Update:   DVLA have now sent me 8 Pages of History Information on 1966 KYK711D Vitesse Mk1 1600.   The paperwork takes the Car back to London in 1968.  I am the 6th Owner and No 5 Owner only had the vehicle for 4 Months for a fast turn around? (must have realised how much work it needed?).  The paperwork consisted of all the V5s from 1978 to Date and "Changeover Slips" etc with Addresses and Dates as far back as 1968.  I am aware that there was a Fire in a London Council where the car was registered (1966-1968) and all records where destroyed!  KYK lived most of its life in inner London and the Margate area. Not bad for £5.00


Many Thanks




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