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Hi all.

I have a tappet-type noise on the Vitesse, but it's not coming from the rockers. Having listened to the engine running with a screwdriver to my ear (!), I am sure the noise is coming from the dizzy (amplified through the block). The car is running fine otherwise. I would appreciate a bit of wisdom before I go any further. Dizzy endfloat against the cam? Loose/broken bobweight springs? I would be grateful for any insight you can offer.

Thanks (as always!)


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Drive gear end float can make a lot of tappety noise if its excessive, there must be some float or you sieze it


theres worn dizzy spindle bushes and shaft wear due to lack of oiling does the rotor shaft wag around


use a long screwdriver against the block and dizzy post and stick ear on the handle it will shownwhere the noise is eminating, dont get it in the fan ,

Or the HT leads


one more excessive idea is the tail camshaft bearings can wear, this makes a tappet noise you cant trace,, quite common


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Colin, his floggle toggle had fell of his whim wham  


Froc, do check the base clamp may be different diameter to clamp the body  there's two sizes of clamp so it could be too small or too big


and if supplied with one theres changes /evolution how  the  clamp is bolted  to the pedestal  just to make something  simple a nightmare

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