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Aldi Heat probe

Paul H

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purchased a heat probe from Aldi recently ( about £12 ) . This probe was put to good use today - Ive been road testing the Vitesse as have done a lot of work on the rear - new rotoflex , ujs, bearings , shockers , brakes - Came back from a 20 mile trip and nearside rear temp was very high ( too hot to touch ) put the probe on and 60 c whilst the other side was 30 c - I backed off the brake linings on the nearside , then another 5 miles and checked with probe , both were 30 c - problem solved . I was able to check along the half shafts to see if temp varies at all , no issues here .


Plan to use the probe to find hot spots in the footwell  areas so I can cover up with sound deadening pads 


Hope this helps 






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Reread my post above, sent from my phone, and the OP.


My reference to a "probe" meant just that, a 'needle' with a built in temperture sensor (you press it to the tyre tread, not stick it in!)

The OP's use of "probe" seems to have been to an Infra-red pyrometer.  A very useful tool, with many other uses but as I say a tyre surface cools so quickly that the needle is necessary for reliable meaurement of tyre treads.

But such a probe system is very expensive! (£200-400).   I do and will rely on my IR gun, but you need to get round the tyres very quickly at a pitstop!



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John i dont think dave is into the techy side of tyres temperatures as a every day driver , more have i got a hot brake or are they about the same both sides


so his old pinkies would tell cool ..........to   gee whizz   Ouch !!


I bought a cheapy infra  from one of the stores  without reading the small print its fine for  ears or forehead or shine at the cats bum but with no range to suit automotive  !!!   consigned to the back of the draw 


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