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Gt6 front windscreen removal


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Hi, just considering some work I want to do on my mk1 gt6 this winter season. I need to take the windscreen and surround out to tackle some rust and seals, just was looking to find out how difficult this was with the other body components in place, and if anyone had any tips.




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First Check if its toughend or laminated this determines how hard you can try.

toughened can be realy rough where as laminated can break easy

look at the manufacturer markings on the glasss


to remove release the trim stainless capping or the mylar insert.


sit on seat and with both feet press the glass around the perifery , till the rubber lip lifts over the screen flange, work around the glass till its clear , then recover the legs and have a cuppa


refit is best clean the rubber or use new, fif the seal to the glass, get the corners lined up


soft soap the flip and use a sash cord string around the flange groove, over lap the strings along the base

and tape the ends to the screen


drop the screen

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Cant edit the lines on this tablet , so continue here.....

Drop the screen and rubber into the apperture , with the seal sitting on the lower flange,

get it held with some other pair of hands firmly against the apperture , dont let it rise

gently pull the cord to lift the flip over the flange

Work each way left and right , finishing at the top ,


to seal use a cheap black gutter sealant , press nozzle under the outer lip and fill the cavity behind the seal, better if you can fit a flattened bit of metal tube into the catridge

use the same to run sealant around the glass to rubber

this all cleans of neatly with white spirit


insert the mylar strip or if its stainless capping you need a hook tool to open the rubber


some fit the capping retainer before they refit the screen , this makes fitting harder as the caping is there to open the seal to retain it


if the glass is short in the corners the rubber may need something like sw tube to pack the rubber out away from the glass to fill the corners nicely

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In short, getting it out is easy, putting it back, a nightmare. If you have the older type glass worth getting a modern replacement, and a mobile repair man to fit it! I've had 3 windscreens go over the years and it's quite scary/dangerous, particularly with older glass.

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Getting the frame out isn't too bad but depends on how rusty it is. From memory there are two bolts which pass upwards through the scuttle into the underside of the screen frame at the outer edges, three bolts  at the front of the dash top and two bolts through the frame into the roof. The two scuttle bolts may be a bit a  faff to get at with the car fully assembled. You may have to remove the dash top to get at the other 3 bolts and make sure you collect all the spacers from the frame when you remove the upper 2 bolts. When I replaced the frame I was told to insert it bottom edge first but could not get it back in place so fitted it top edge first and swung the bottom into position (quite difficult not to damage any paintwork).


Fitting the glass to the frame isn't too bad as the filler strip on the early cars is easy to fit. I fitted a new laminated screen to mine.





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Hi Chris


I learn new things every time in the forum. I never knew the frame was a bolt in and this makes sense of my car as the frame on mine has slightly different paintwork to the rest of the car and I always wondered why!



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When you find the scuttle bolts make sure you try and get plenty of easing fluid (Plusgas) in there if you can; if needs be by running it down inside the frame.  Depending on how and when it was assembled and how much corrosion there is you may find the captive nuts are not secure and tear out of the frame.  Welding in new ones will be required but is feasible (T-shirt owner).  


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