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1300 FWD Triumph 1967 HELP!

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Hi Everyone


I'm new to the forum and seeking some advice please. 


I braked hard in my 1967 Triumph 1300 FWD the other week and the engine lurched forward, tearing the front engine mounts through the chassis and the engine lurched forward about 6 inches, the metal fan tearing a hole in the radiator. Absolute nightmare!


It appears that the cups that hold the engine mounts in had corroded and thus there was no damage to the chassis itself. 


I have looked on line and can't seem to find the cups or the engine mounts. Can anyone help? are there any substitutes that can be used? I've attached a picture with the bits I need circled. All advice welcome! 


I guess this must have happened to someone else before, what have others done?

Also, does anyone have a second had radiator that is in decent condition? 






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do you have a parts list or part number to help trace , ??


that looks more like a subframe mount than engine mount but there s not many around

we have a 1500 in the area , and that seems listed as engine mounts specific to 1500fwd

i have no idea of the variance , but they are available



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Paul - I have an old "Pearsons Illustrated Car Servicing" series book on the 1300 - would it be any use to you?

Let me know, it's no use to me but too good to throw out and should really go to a 1300 owner.


Hi Colin


Thanks for the offer. I am planning on selling the car so I won't take you up on the offer. If I was keeping it I would have happily had the book. I had written the Ebay listing and then took the car for a spin when the subframe tore loose! Nightmare! 



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