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Engine Cutaways

Unkel Kunkel

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Those of a certain age will remember the the centre page cutaway drawings of the old Eagle comic

and they will surely like cutaways - similar but in 3D!


The first is an early Spitfire judging by its twin manifold

The green one is nonTriumph-

a Ford 8 Model Y 1932 model


Both in the Isle of Man Motor Museum - fairly new.Fascinating place. Over four hundred vehicles and automobilia, steam cars, old american cars, fire engines , motorcycles sectioned and turning Pratt and Whitney Dart engine etc





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As Colins post.


When I had my 12/50 Herald many years ago it had a starting handle kit from Triumph, you had to make a bracket to weld to the front cross tube but was supplied with an alloy removable plate, with Triumph Logo, to cover the hole in the front valence.

Had to remember to keep your fingers and thumb on the correct side of the handle as a kick back could do some damage.





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as apprentice way back  i had a job starting our 1913  Commer simons fire engine,  well the crank was up quite high and as a 18 yr old took some swinging over ,, the fitter trying to train me  gave the advance a tweak and i flew over the showroom at speed and well off the ground,  


later i drove her around the factory  she had the original commer 3 speed pre select gearbox you could hear the dogs engage form miles away  , column gear change and a glass flow oil gauge...proper motoring.


she still does london to brighton but dont know where she is homed now  chrysler sold all the silver in the 70s.

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in some old commer sales brochures i had they compared the running costs of a Commer vs a horse and stable lad


the  pre select gearbox was advertised  if you could drive a horse you could drive a Commer Car  


ahhh   Progress  !!


just found pics of our 1912 lord lonsdales shooting brake ( it should be bright yellow) its now in the Oxford Bus museum  the old brown  tax book shows it as owned by  at Commer cars  ( again sold off by Chrysler )

ive fitted wooden wheels to this in 1965  and machined new brake drums that fit on the chain cross shaft

then a test drive up some Luton Hills ,,  

If only   beam me back scottie.







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