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Does anybody have any experience with Powertune branded parts? Bought a rear hub trunnion bushing repair kit from a reputable supplier. Compared it with the old set, and everything is off by about 1-2 mm. The inner steel tube sits very lose in the blue bushing. Don’t think you should see light shining through, not really filling me with confidence.  Also bought some Powertune bearings, decided to google that – most links screams avoid. (https://www.google.com/search?q=powertune+bearings



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Powertune is effectively a reseller of imported goods, probably gets batches made up etc. 

Infuriating that something cannot be made correctly. They need to be returned, and the trader needs to have a look at the rest of their stock, it isn't fit to use

(Mark, the tubes do not crush, should be a nice snug fit. Bushes made from Nylon, though polybush is available, an option)

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i agree,,     

MYTH      what is often referred to as a crush tube

It is actually the exact opposite  its to prevent the bushes being crushed ,it controls the fitted width of the bushes and clamps against the fabricated or cast parts of its component

the tube  is clamped up tight and rotates within the bush , its not to be left loose to pivot in its component, that just wears a oval fixing hole .

so its  really  an anti crush tube /spacer .

many kits have the wrong sized  look alike spec   dust sealing washers ,   keep the old ones if they are intact   .invaluable


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@Pete Lewis True and good advice. True, the seal seems fine, but I had new ones and thought I gone so far, I might as well use them. My washers were bit sad, seen a new trunnion kit is £7, I will replace those as well - big mistake.  I order 3 different once from 3 different suppliers and they are wrong in 3 different ways. Finally got a set of superpro from MossBors which is a different washerless design, but not pretending to be something they are not, that seems it will do the job.

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