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Hello from Leicestershire

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Just joined and posting to introduce myself. I have owned several Triumphs in the past and am considering coming back to the fold after 32 years! Having just realised the TSCC is based only a handful of miles from me in Leicestershire, joining the forum seemed a good place to start.

My first car was a dark blue Herald 1200 convertible which I sold in 1980 & I still have the original number plates.  I then had a 1973 Spitfire 4 & finally a 1994 mimosa TR6 in 1986 before being seduced away by the hot hatch scene. I'll have to do some digging in old photo albums to see if I have any pix to post. 

Anyway, it would be great to become involved with/own one of these classic cars again & I look forward to meeting you all in due course



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