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Vitesse/Herald seats


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Hi. I have just bought a couple of front seats, very cheap, off a 67 Herald 12/50.  Have looked at parts diagrams from Canley and Rimmer. though can't find frame part no's, for the frames.

My Vitesse (Mk1 2 Litre) is a 67. Does anyone if the seat frames are the same as 12/50, or any other,  more structural differences , apart from  foam etc, as would like to have a go at restoring these 12/50 seats in my own time, so my car is still on the road.

Any advice, great, Thanks.


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1200 and 12/50 seats are quite different from Vitesse 2L and 13/60 seats.  There are apparently differences between 13/60 seats, Vitesse 2L seats and Vitesse Mk2 seats though I don't find them very obvious.  Before I fitted MGF seats I was told that I had one 13/60 seat and one Vitesse 2L seat.  They seemed like a pretty good match to me.....

Maybe the frames are the same under all of them..... thought I suspect not the 1200/12/50.


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Hello Nick,

I had the same issue with my Vitesse M2 seats, prior to swapping over to MGF.

The attached 3x photos show the difference, the obvious one being height - one is certainly a Mk2 (I would say the passenger seat) and the other perhaps a Herald. I always thought the seats were identical for Herald and Vitesse regarding physical dimension but this does not appear to be the case; unless I am completely mistaken. 

Additionally I think the roll of material that is centre top of the seats and runs from front to rear is also a slightly different length albeit very minor.






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