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A mystery gearbox


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Hi All,

I was looking with interest at the material that Henry Jones supplied for his gearbox tutorial and noticed the sheet that identifies GT6 Mk3 gearboxes with the prefix KF as being destined for the American market. I've attached a photo of the ID on my gearbox which seems to indicate that it should be in America rather than attached to a very late UK car first sold in Wellingborough. Before I got the car the 'box had been repaired at least once and judging by the seemingly random collection of stamps on the case it looks as if the box has had a fair bit of "history" over the years. I can't imagine that gearboxes were ever repatriated from the States however and assume it was fitted on the production line - possibly to use up components as the run came to an end?

Does this sound like a reasonable explanation and does anybody else have a KF prefix gearbox on a UK car? 




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My own view is that the gearbox stamps are more or less irrelevant these days. This because these boxes are fairly fragile and most have been rebuilt at least once, probably several times. As the basic casing is the same for any 4 synchro, 3 rail box, 4 cyl as well as 6, all it tells you is what car the casing started off in.


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