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Dremel type tool


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I bought a dremel type tool from eBay  it's actually a Wolf make comes with a stand to hang it on and flexi drive.

bought extra bits including polishing, scotchbright mops and wire wheels, have to say it's brilliant for restoration gets into all those corner etc, been cleaning and preparing the dashboard heater vents today for painting. 

Polishing and scotchbright mops great on chrome.

well worth getting one if your restoring parts, best £23.92 I've spent and free postage!



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I bought one of the LIDL Parkside cordless versions a while ago, use it all the time now as I'm too lazy to plug the other one in.

It was £14.99 with a range of accessories and has definitely proved itself so far. They also do a corded version, but I already have one of those in a different brand.




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