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Spitfire Front Springs

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I hope some of you knowledgeable people can help me with an issue with my front suspension on my Spitfire.

I brought a pair of front Spax struts for my Triumph Spitfire 1500. Unfortunately, at the time, Moss Bros didn’t have any springs in stock and advised me to go elsewhere for these, which I dully did. I brought a pair of uprated springs from Abingdon MG Parts Ltd who are based in Wolverhampton.

This weekend I was proposing to install them into my Spitfire but having placed the springs onto the shocks I find the springs are not quite long enough for the shocks. In other words they fit on without being compressed and are loose on the shocks.

I was wondering if spring spaces could be a possible answer, Moss Bros have three sizes listed. TT4401, (0.375”) TT4405 (0.875”) and TT406 (1.25”) would any of these be suitable to get me out of trouble or would it be better if I just got new springs to suit the Spax shocks?

The springs I have are, according to Abingdon MG Parts Ltd, TT4301, are described as uprated front springs for Spitfire 1500, uncompressed they are 242mm long, which equates to 9 1/2”.

If the spring spaces are a viable option, which length would be the ones I require?

If new springs are the best option, what part number should I be purchasing and from where?

Thanks in advance.

Front strut and spring.jpg

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Presumably lowered springs, so that is what happens.

I got over the issue of them potentially going out of position when jacked up at the MoT (or flying over a humped backed bridge) by cable tying to the bottom seat pan, or in my spitfire I welded a 50mm long section of tube onto the top spring pan (same diameter as teh outer edge of teh pan, if that makes sense)

If you use spacers the car will probably sit too high. (if not, you can then use a spacer)

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this is a common problemo, really caused not by the springs,

but the shockers, all shockers for the cars are too long by at least an inch


this why yer cars showing so much pos camber  whenst jacked up

alter yer shocks to an inch less, and yee,l get better suspension movement



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