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2000 driveshafts


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Rislan seems to be a member of the nylon family, so is resistant to (probably) all lubricants. Therefor any grease that works well in a highly stressed area would work. Use whatever was originally specified would be the simple answer, though I wonder if CV grease may be better?

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Compared to the steel splines the Rislan coating is quite soft.

I suspect it works by holding the grease 'particles' within is 'rough' surface.   A smooth steel on steel surface will wipe clean quite quickly.

A Moly type grease would work fine on both the Rislan and plain steel (with re-application on the steel)  

Any decent grease  should would with the Rislan  - Castrol LM  etc.

The splines are not necessarily a high pressure contact surface as there is quite a bit of surface area.

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