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GT6 MK3 Gearbox mounts - stretched


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Hi All

Just removed my transmission cover to find some rather perished gearbox mounts. However they are stretched forward by at least half the diameter of the mounts. (i.e. the engine and gearbox have slid forward.

If I fit new mounts they too will be stretched forward.  Is there adjustment in the engine mounts or is it a sign that the engine mounts are also shot (they look old but ok to me).

Any ideas ?

Thanks all.



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The holes in the gearbox mounting plate where the bracket is bolted are slotted so allowing a little adjustment but I think thats all thats available. I have seen gearbox mounts before distorted as youve described and think its where the engine and gearbox tend to move forward under braking so over time the rubbers end up misshapen. I reckon you'll find that the replacements will fit with no difficulty although you might have to lever the engine back a little as the forward mounts will probably have also become distorted.

Note that sometimes rubber components can look perished but its superficial and theyre in fact still serviceable. This applies particularly to original components which although possibly more than 50yrs old are often far better quality than the new replacements available......

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My 68 Vitesse Mk2 has the engine mount on the front of the Turrent, original installation as the engine has never been out & I've had it since the car was 2yr old & knew the PO.

Mind you after owning & working on Triumphs for over 50yrs I'm convinced Logic wasn't Triumphs strongpoint, it's a pity there aren't many Triumph engineers still alive to defend themselves!

Mind you Triumph were saints compared to Jaguar!! Their engineers took a second degree in "How can we stop DIY"


Peter T

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