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Liquid on manifold


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So... the new head is on and the car is running like a Japanese sewing machine... happy days. 

But... have just noticed a small trickle of liquid emerging from a hole on the manifold. 

My question is what is the hole for? 

Is something missing ? 

And what is the liquid? 



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That is the anti-flooding hole that drains excess fuel from the inlet manifold.  It should have a little metal pipe in it (3/16" or even a bit less) held in with a small compression fitting to direct the fuel away from the hot manifold.

It looks a little..... err..... "productive" at present.  Could just be the float chamber overflowing  into the carb throat due to fuel warming and expanding after switching off and may indicate the float level is a little high.

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Somebody on another well know site has been running with a bolt in the drain hole with no problems. I think the drain was necessary as this inlet manifold isnt water heated and with a downdraught carb on cold mornings a considerable amount of fuel could condense out before the manifold warmed up sufficiently. Now that our cars tend to avoid cold weather its not such a problem....

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