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Drum brake steady pin, slotted cup washers


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A useful change to  avoid the push twist ...ping   i have at times replaced the pin and cup with a  small bolt washer and stiff nut 

Easy to do up and remove    without any stress

A handy tip to fit the push and turn cups, get old pair of pliers  grind a small ledge on the ends and this lets  you  grip the  cup 

And when you press the ledge/groove stops the cup flying up or out of the pliers

There again you can buy the special tool for fitting the cups 



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Cheers Pete. Last time my fingers/hand was strong enough to press the washers down and turn them. Not now, old age creeping in I guess.

Cheers for pliers tip, worked a treat.

I had the pointed rubber cylinder dust covers pushed back along the hose on dismantle, though forgot they have to also feed through handbrake levers until I tried to push them back on after the whole job done apart from fitting wheels.

Seemeed to me it would be shoes off, cylinders off (I have been unscrewing the cylinder off the hose to remove as the hose seems it would twist too much to remove from cylinder easily).? undo handbrake lever linkage, to fit properly.

Had enough by then, just cut them for a fit. They were only 2 years old, though just starting to split  anyway.

Cheers, Dave


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