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Maybe the tickover has been set too low and then when the engine gets hotter it drops further, as it normally does. to a point where it stalls. Once the engine is up to temperature the tickover should be between 800 - 900rpm.

Is it worth returning to the professional with the problem?

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there are too many unprofessional professionals about 

once we have a ida of what car and what carbs we are trying to help with we may be able to steer you with some simple adjustments but

the best advice is above  take it back ,  get what you paid for then find another professional

youre in coventry  Canley classics is not far away 


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n.thomas50@ntlworld.com, your gnomic posts are distinctly unhelpful!

No.1, "Gt6 engine stalls when engine is hot, thus difficult to start and keep engine running"

No.2, "I will attach a photo later. It only started stalling when I had the carbs reset by a professional."

That's like going to the doctor and starting the consultation with "I'm not feeling well".   Contrast this with the open and generous, if unwise on such poor information, advice that others here want to give you.     Think as if you are going to the doctor with a problem.  Tell us the history of your car, the symptoms of its ailment, what you have done to try and cure it.      Best of all, I'd suggest, it to actually take it to the Clinic!  By which I mean a meeting of your local TSSC Area Group, where a whole faculty of experts can see the car, examine it and test it, none of which the posters here can do!  Your local Group is probably at https://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/areas_final.asp?area_ID=12&area=Midland, Coventry

Good luck!


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