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i once saw a booted GT6 - NOT fastback


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Someone I bumped into in Essex (Spotted a Mk III Cortina estate on his drive) showed me what i at first thought was a flashy spitfire.
it has lots of rally stickers plastered all over it and did look impressive.

Then i looked inside the car and noticed THREE dials instead of the usual two. Thats strange said I.
He said nothing so I wandered round to the boot and was surprised to see it said GT6?
I then looked under the bonnet and sure enough - it was a six pot.

Having had his fun he told me that a very small number were produced but no-one I have spoken to since believes me.

What was I looking at?

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42 minutes ago, rizla01@yahoo.com said:

So no-one KNOWS of a booted GT6

I am pretty convinced the chap was telling the truth - Why would he lie?


Was he selling it?

It's well documented that they were never officially made, which is why no-one knows of any, but I know of quite a few later conversions.

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Hang on.  Just over the way, not 5000 miles sor so, on the Triumph Experience, someone is asking the same Q in the same words.

Double hang on, sorry, my 'scam' alarm was flashing, when two people so far apart were asking the same.   But on the TE, the OP is  "Terry I" from Essex, I presume, Terry is also "Rizla01"?

No, Terry, not a factory special, just a Spit6/Gitfire, a Spitfire fitted with a 6 cylinder engine.     A car Triumph should hav made but which woul have competed too easily with the TR6.   Yours must have a hardtop from Ashley, APAL, Lenham, Wiliams & Pritchard, SAH or Sprinzel, all of whom made, or sold under their name, booted hardtops for Spitfires.   See the Amicale Spitfire webpage on hardtops at http://www.amicalespitfire.org/hardtop1.php 



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