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Rotoflex driveshaft chassis clearance

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If they are just kissing the chassis as the dampers arrive at full droop I wouldn't worry.  However, if the driveshafts are acting as droop-stops and the dampers have travel left then the dampers are too long.  The original dampers for the wheelarch mounts are definitely wrong for the chassis mounts and should not be used.  They'll give a boneshaking ride like that too being nearly on the bumpstops at normal ride height.  The standard swing axle dampers are also a little long for the chassis extension conversion but usually work ok.  I understand there is some "variation" between makes but the ones I've had dealings with have all worked.


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That's normal for a car up on stands or lift; once back on the road they'll sit higher and I'd like to think that under normal driving circumstances they'll never extend so far as to hit the chassis. Put some tape across the chassis then you'll have witness marks that will show if it's making contact when driving.

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