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Vitesse/Herald Radio Fitting


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I have one of the modern stainless radio brackets (currently for sale on eBay) that will hold the unit only but not the speaker; if you want one with a built-in speaker they may be harder to find, and the original ones are real hen's teeth. I've found them online before now, but they're getting rarer. This one is the closest I could find to the sort of thing I was looking for, and it was big money.


I wonder if anyone makes new fibreglass or plastic versions?

Something like this one may be adaptable? Otherwise, it's just a question of waiting until the right one comes along.


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Radiomobile fitting instructions were covered in the Courier 223.  Also covers aerial fitting.  If you want to PM me  with your email then I can send a copy.  It won't find you a radio mount, but it may help the thought processes.  And you will learn about the three screws at the front of the coin tray (unless you have a replacement trans tunnel).  Somewhere, I have a template for the speaker housing if you get that far. 


I wonder if anyone makes new fibreglass or plastic versions?

Bill was looking at this when Rarebit was up and running, but I don't think it happened.  Shouldn't be difficult to do.  Club shop? if anyone's monitoring.


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1 hour ago, 68vitesse said:

Think Colin is referring to one of these,


Yes, I had assumed the OP didn't have one to fit and was looking for either an original bracket plus speaker, or a replacement unit like the consoles that were about in the 1960s or 70s.

I searched over a coffee this morning and couldn't find any consoles - plenty of period radios, just nothing to mount them in or on. This is the sort of thing that would do if an original isn't forthcoming; both will fit the Herald or Vitesse:



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