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24 Heures Le Mans

Chris A

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Despite the organisers optimism, I would expect CLM to be postponed until a couple of weeks after the main 24 hr race as they rely on the barrier infrastructure that is installed for the main race but not removed until after the classic.  I can’t see them installing all the barriers in late June and leaving them up until September, and the Classic organisers could not afford to do the barriers on their own.

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What barriers are you thinking of, Kevin?

Circuit wise almost all of it is permanent these days and the main sections that aren't (chicanes on Hunaudieres, Mulsanne and Arnage corners, entry to the Porsche curves) are quick removal ones owned by the ACO (though the last couple of years there's been a lot less re-opening of the public roads during the week).

There's still a lot of temporary fencing around the campsites and padocks - but the camp site stuff comes down between Le Mans and the Classic and there's probably more padock fencing for the classic the the 24.


Traditionally the biggest hurdles to be jumped have been getting permission to close the public roads.  Things seem to have been a lot easier the last 3 or 4 years, so I assume people running the Le Mans and La Sarthe councils, and the ACO are getting on better at the moment.

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