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What calipers are these?


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I've been slowly working on Vitesse 6 during our lockdown.

Yesterday I fitted the front GAZ shocks and the lh Canley vertical link.

My front hubs had been powdercoated many years ago and were looking pretty awful with rust flaking the pc off.

I decided to clean these back to bare metal and repaint with rustoleum black, I also cleaned the stanpart front discs and gave them a coat of the black paint and zinc paint on the braking surfaces to try keep them from corroding while the car is still not being driven.



Assembled the various bits and pieces and noticed the dust shields on the calipers didnt look that good and when touched crumbled. So into my parts department to see if had any calipers kits on the shelf which I didnt but was surprised to see I had 4 x Girling 12SP calipers for the Vitesse 6 and 3 of what is in the following photo. They all look the same, will fit onto the Vitesse caliper mount but are about 1/4 inch further out from the disc. The piston is bigger than the 12SP but these calipers have no obvious id number on them, are they Girling 16?


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sorry cannot open the photos but the bolt centres on 12  is about half a hole closer together than 16  they need a different caliper mount 

then   there is  type 14 used on herald  and spitfires  which will fit mounting for type 12s 




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Looks like a 14 to the left and I would have said first off that those are 12s to the right, going by the shape, but the mountings look wrong, unless it's just the photo - one up, one down? It will say on them, somewhere - see photo - look on the sides or around the mounting holes. I'll stick with the initial guess; one 14 and two 12s.



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